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In order to provide a safe haven and help abused women and their families. Our life changing programs focus on crisis, transformation and prevention and the important process of rebuilding their lives.


EMERGENCY SHELTER to escape a dangerous situation and heal from trauma

•Crisis intervention
-24-hour hotline
-Family shelter
•Experienced, compassionate staff
•Community of hope and healing
Annually :
-We receive 1,600 calls to our 24hr hotline
- We shelter 200+ women and their children

Primary languages: English and Spanish – Translation services available for other languages.

Who is eligible? Any woman in a domestic violence situation is eligible to seek shelter for herself and her children. Women without children or women with adult age children, who no longer live in the home, are also eligible.

What to expect? Each family is given their own room. Women without children may share a room. All women will receive individual counseling from a trained therapist, participate in group counseling and therapeutic sessions, and work with a case manager who will assist them in planning how to rebuild their life and the lives of their children.

Children of all ages participate in the children’s program where they will receive age-appropriate counseling and therapeutic activities. The children’s program is overseen by counseling professionals specializing in early childhood development and emotional trauma.

RESOURCES AND SUPPORT that empower the family to build a violence free life

 •Housing, counseling, and job skill development to build a new life

-2nd & 3rd Step Programs (residential)
-Center for Children and Families (non-residential, walk-in services)
-Community resources and legal advocacy

Annually we help approximately:

-100 women and children in transition (residential)

-Nearly 1,000  women, children, men in counseling/outreach (non-residential

Primary languages: English and Spanish

Who is eligible? Any individual living in Orange County or surrounding area affected by domestic violence may access counseling, legal advocacy services, or participate in education or support groups offered through the Center at any of its locations.

Services at Center:

Early intervention for men, women, and children who are currently in a relationship where they are being abused but for many reasons do not leave the abuser.

Counseling and referrals for at-risk families before they need shelter.

Counseling and graduate support groups for women and children after they have graduated from our emergency shelter or transitional housing programs.

Safe Options for Seniors provides counseling and resources to men and women experiencing abuse in later life.

Walk-in services are available but we recommend calling to make an appointment for the following services:

Counseling for individual and family, group, children, and trauma.

Legal advocacy provided through scheduled legal clinics.

Education classes for:

  • Parenting
  • Safe Dates – focusing on teen healthy relationships and dating
  • PEP – Personal Empowerment Program


Who is eligible? Women and their children who have completed a domestic violence shelter program are eligible to apply for Second Step, our transitional housing program. While here, women will work towards independence by participating in educational and job skill building activities as well as continuing counseling and case management sessions. Children will participate in the children’s program as well as have access to after-school tutoring. For further information on the application process.

COMMUNITY EDUCATION provides powerful workshops for children and teens in schools and the community

 •Presentations for:
-Law enforcement
-Faith based groups
-Parents and community groups
-Health care professionals

Annually gives:

-600 Presentations to over 180 Schools, reaching more than 18,300 children, teens, and adults