June 2014 - Human Options


Building A Community for Social Responsibility

People often ask me how to start a non-profit. The answer is clear: Passion, clear purpose, a powerful mission, and the perseverance to reach out to many and build through tough times – a complicated but effective path. A path not unlike the one a for-profit start-up takes but with one difference. That difference is the coming together of a caring and committed community. Human Options is the product of just such a caring and committed community of individuals. In the beginning there were only a few of us sharing a passion to help build a community where no woman or child would ever be afraid in her or his…


How Temporary Went to Tragic then Triumphant

It was only supposed to be temporary. Just a few months until they got back on their feet – and in the meantime, an extra pair of hands around the house would be a blessing. At least that was what Mildred initially thought when her son, his wife and their daughter came to live with her. But six months later, Mildred found herself a prisoner in her own home. Her son and his family had taken over and abused her financially, emotionally and ultimately physically. Until a concerned neighbor found Mildred with a broken arm, her plight did not catch the attention of police or other authorities. This is an…


EY Entrepreneur of the Year Honors Vivian Clecak

She stands no taller than a glass pint of milk. But on June 4 she towered over the sold out St. Regis ballroom filled with a who’s who of corporate Orange County. As she accepted the first ever EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Social Responsibility and Non-Profits she demonstrated again why she is a remarkable leader in stature, vision and passion. In a career filled with a trophy case of accomplishments, being named one of Orange County’s true entrepreneurs was a crowning achievement. “A big night for our Founding CEO, Vivian Clecak and an equally big night for Human Options, an organization that sets the gold standard for…