June 2021 - Human Options

Survivor Stories: Joe’s Story

When 74-year-old Joe became a widower four years ago, his life and well-being were more at-risk than at any point in his entire life. Joe’s son Kevin, who was continuing to battle an addiction to prescription drugs, had always lived with Joe and his wife. Joe has been emotionally and physically abused by his son for many years, but things became more extreme when his wife passed. For the next year, Joe endured and continued to be physically and financially abused, having no access to his finances to get help. When Joe was finally seen by neighbors with having scratches and marks on his face and arms, a report was…

Meet Our New Board Member

Clay Richardson is Co-Founder and Chief Excelerator at Digital FastForward, a leading innovation consultancy focused on helping companies learn, grow, and accelerate innovation through the application of design thinking. He has spent most of his career helping corporate and public-sector leaders build and execute strategies around new and disruptive technologies. Formerly with Forrester Research, a leading market research firm, Clay oversaw research and strategic advisory engagements focused on digital innovation, design thinking, and digital transformation. Prior to joining Forrester, Clay served in senior roles with leading management consulting and software product companies. Clay is a Design Thinking Master Facilitator, and frequent keynote speaker at digital innovation and thought leadership events….