Meet Our 2 New Board of Directors! - Human Options

We are pleased to introduce two new members who have joined our Human Options Board of Directors: Sabrina C. Callin and Dr. Eschilian-Oates!


Sabrina C. Callin, CFA, CPA retired, of Newport Beach retired from PIMCO (Pacific Investment Management Company) in mid-2016 after spending 18 years with the company, including over seven years as a managing director. At the time she was elected, she was the fourth woman to make managing director at PIMCO since the firm’s founding in 1971. During her career at PIMCO, among other responsibilities, Callin was the senior product manager responsible for the development, positioning and external communication for a range of fixed income, equity and alternative mutual funds, private funds and separate account strategies. Prior to her retirement from PIMCO, she was the Treasurer of the PIMCO Foundation, a long-standing board member, chair of the finance committee and a member of the investment, finance, nominating and grant review committees. Callin was also the co-founder of PIMCO’s Women’s Leadership Network and a founding member of PIMCO’s Inclusion and Diversity Committee. In addition, Callin previously served on the Stanford Graduate School of Business Management Board from 2015 to 2019.

“I hope to bring financial discernment to the board as, together, we support the organization in making a significant difference in relationship violence prevention,” said Callin. “Working with some of the top businesses in the nation throughout my career, I can say that Human Options is making major contributions to our communities that make a difference.”

Dr. Liza Eshilian-Oates of Anaheim, practices in the Women’s Health Center at Kaiser Permanente in Orange County and is regional director for the Southern California Family Violence Prevention Program for Kaiser Permanente. She oversees the implementation of a coordinated approach for improving screening, identification, and services for family violence victims, including child abuse, intimate partner violence and elder abuse. The program includes all Kaiser Permanente medical centers from San Diego to Kern County. She received her medical degree from the University of California, Irvine and completed her residency training in Family Medicine with Kaiser Permanente in Orange County. She is a current faculty member of the Kaiser Permanente Orange County Family. Dr. Oates pioneered the multi-disciplinary training offered to Kaiser staff in partnership with Human Options in 2014.

“Relationship violence is an issue that is directly tied to health, and healthcare providers play a critical role in screening, treatment and counseling,” said Dr. Eshilian-Oates. “At Kaiser Permanente Orange County, we have had a long partnership with Human Options to ensure our providers are well equipped to provide a safe and trusted point of intervention for victims of relationship violence. I look forward to ensuring that we can provide resources and support to all those who need our help.”