Success Stories: Julia's Story - Human Options

Julia did not leave her home for years, living in the shadow of her abusive husband.  Fearing for the safety of her daughters, she moved to an unfamiliar city in an attempt to start a new life.  She knew she needed to escape the tumultuous and abusive relationship with her husband and be strong for her daughters.

Through counseling, Julia embarked on the journey to healing from the traumatic abuse she suffered from her ex-husband. Our services helped to give her the confidence to leave her home, a sense of safety and hope. Since entering our programs, Julia has become optimistic about the life she will continue to have with her daughters.
“Thank you so much for your help, we trust in you and we are very happy for this new opportunity, I feel that I can finally move forward with my goals in life and do not have to live in the shadows anymore.” – Julia, survivor