Survivor Stories: Mariah's Story - Human Options

Mariah worked as a successful insurance agent and the primary provider for her and her two children. Mariah was very social and outgoing. She played softball for a league in her community, with lots of support from her family and friends, mainly her mom, who was an Air-Force Veteran. Mariah had previously left her abusive partner and was living in her own apartment, but reconciled with him just prior to the pandemic. Although Mariah was able to recognize the cycle of abuse she was experiencing with her partner, she had reconciled in hopes her partner had changed and the abuse never happen again.

During the pandemic, Mariah lost her job, her mom moved to Arizona, and she was gradually isolated from her circle of support by her partner. As the abuse intensified, Mariah became more and more deteriorated and scared. She was withheld from her finances and only “allowed” to use her car when permitted. She placed a lot of blame on herself saying, “I should have known better, my kids deserve better”. 

Mariah was determined to leave her partner but did not want to enter a shelter. Because of her mom’s military service, Mariah qualified to receive emergency housing assistance through our Strong Families Strong Children military collaborative, which would financially assist her and her children in paying for motel assistance. Mariah was safely and successfully able to leave her partner.

It was evident the emotional and financial abuse Mariah had been experiencing during her 10 year relationship with her partner. In reflection, Mariah shared, “Fleeing the house was hard and emotional for myself and my children, but I knew this was the first step in moving forward to a healthier life.”

Mariah‘s commitment to seeking services for her and her children shows her strength to move forward towards the life she is seeking for her and her children. She has been able to acquire a full time position, earning her own income. She has expressed her gratitude to all individuals assisting her during this time. Mariah refers to everyone as “the team,” and looks forward to a new life with her children.

“As I begin this new journey of independence I am grateful for the services I have been able to receive. My team has provided me the support to feel motivated again and see my main goals in how I want to envision my life.” – Mariah, Mother & Survivor