Success Stories: Benjamin's Story - Human Options

Benjamin was married to his partner, Ken, for 8 years. Things were going great. Ben and Ken were happy and getting along. They were ready to start a family and eventually had the opportunity to adopt their daughter, Ana, just a few years after they were married. As they entered a new chapter in their lives, things took a turn and the honeymoon phase was over. One night, Ken got drunk and grabbed Benjamin by the wrist and pulled him down to the couch to watch TV with him.  As he tried to walk away, he pushed him against the counter and started aggressively hitting him. Benjamin was able to break away and locked himself in the room where their daughter was sleeping. Benjamin quickly called the police as Ken was yelling threats to kill him. Ken was arrested and Benjamin was left with bruises and marks all over his body. He sought medical attention for the marks on his face, which led him and his daughter to enter our emergency shelter. 

After completing shelter, Benjamin and his daughter entered Second Step where he was able to secure a low cost car from a family member. This allowed him greater mobility to accomplish his goals. Benjamin’s daughter, Ana, was transferred to a local school with the support of children’s program. Ana started attending Human Options therapeutic children’s program almost immediately, allowing her to heal from the trauma she had been exposed to. 

Two months into the program, Benjamin decided he wanted to move in with family out of state. Benjamin  took a few months to work with Human Options team, to make the preparations and to work towards healing. Benjamin packed the few items he and his daughter had, and safely left California. Benjamin is now living with family out of state and hopes to one day come back to California, once he has gained stability and back on his feet for himself and Ana. Second Step gave him the opportunity to make connections and provided him a safe space to heal while he planned his next steps towards a continued life of safety and healing. 

“This program gave me the time to seek safety for my daughter and I, get help to find something permanent for us and heal. We are starting over and can finally look forward. ” – Benjamin, Father & Survivor