Success Stories: Suzette's Story - Human Options

Suzette and the father of her children had not been together in over five years after she completed our Legal Advocacy services to seek help and get away from her ex. Moving on and into a new relationship, Suzette’s ex began stalking both Suzette and her partner threatening to kill them both. As she was heading home one night, her ex showed up with two of his friends. As she got out of her car to go into her home, she was grabbed from behind, and started getting punched her face and head. Suzette yelled for help but continued to get physically abused. Suzette’s neighbors ran out to try to help and let her ex know that the police as on the way. From her past participation in our programs, Suzette knew she needed a restraining order. Once the police arrived, Suzette spoke to the officers and requested an Emergency Protective Order, which she was immediately able to get. 

With the knowledge and resources she received from our programs, Suzette called the South Orange County Family Resource Center where she was able to obtain a five-year DVRO against her ex and full legal and physical custody of her children. With all of the stress and worry from her past relationship, Suzette was not ready for the holidays and did not know how to make the season bright for her children. Fortunately, she was nominated for our Adopt a Family Holiday program and  Suzette and her children were adopted where her they received toys and goodies and she received gift cards to support through the holidays. 

“If it was not for all of the help I got from Human Options, my children would not be smiling and laughing this Christmas!-” Suzette, mother & survivor