Success Stories: Maddie's Story - Human Options

When two year old Maddie first arrived at our emergency shelter, she showed no emotions and wouldn’t talk to anyone. Spending her first two years of life in a constant state of chaos, she suffered from severe developmental, emotional and behavioral problems.
Relationship violence has a tremendous impact on brain development. From delayed verbal and motor skills, anxiety and depression, to difficulty identifying and expressing emotions, the effects of trauma can be deep rooted and long lasting in young children.
Fortunately our programs promote resilience and strengthen children’s ability to cope with their exposure to violence, improves the mother’s emotional state and her parenting skills, and enhances parent-child communication and bonding.
Today, Maddie is barely recognizable from the child that entered our shelter. Maddie and her mom, and families like theirs, have the chance for a much brighter future. And this is just one family.