Success Stories: Jessica's Story - Human Options

Jessica, mother of two, was fleeing a physically and emotionally abusive aggressor – her children’s father. Jessica’s aggressor would target their son with his frustrations, typically blaming either him or Jessica for any problems. This type of behavior modeled to their children led to their son mirroring some of these behaviors when upset. Due to the extreme domestic and child abuse in the home, and in order to keep herself and children safe, Jessica called Human Options Hotline. Jessica and her children entered the Emergency Shelter the same day.

While at Emergency Shelter, Jessica focused on supporting her children and their new stability. The Children’s Advocate provided parent coaching for Jessica, while her case manager worked closely with her and her social worker to help Jessica to regain full custody of her children.

Due to the trauma they experienced, Jessica’s children had difficulty expressing their emotions and had aggressive behaviors while at Shelter. Jessica’s children participated in therapeutic children’s program activities to learn how to cope. Human Options staff worked closely to support Jessica’s children. Upon completing the Shelter program, Jessica applied for transitional living programs, including Family Healing Center and was accepted, as a transitional step before re-entering permanent housing.

Jessica’s commitment to developing her parenting skills and obtaining safety and stability for her and her children, allowed her to regain full legal and physical custody of her children. Throughout their stay in Family Healing Center and during the time of the quarantine, Jessica’s children showed improved behavior and resiliency. Jessica’s son was improving significantly and had fewer aggressive incidents towards himself and the family throughout their time with Human Options. Jessica and her children are finally on their journey towards safety and healing.

“I didn’t think there was a way out. For the first time, I can help my children heal from all the abuse and pain. For the first time, I can help myself to begin healing.” – Jessica, Mother & Survivor