#AbuseKnowsNoAge - Human Options


One in 10 Americans over the age of 60 have experienced abuse and neglect at the hands of a loved one, caregiver or even a stranger. From financial and emotional to physical and sexual, elder abuse is a national growing concern that will continue to affect the fastest growing age group in Orange County.

Human Options’ Safe Options for Seniors (SOS) was the first program of its kind in Orange County, specifically designed to support adults age 50+ who have experienced abuse. Our SOS program provides counseling, legal advocacy, support groups and more.


We’ve helped clients like Barbara escape abuse by providing her with the services and resources to take back control of her life.

Our community education team offers workshops on late life family violence, educating attendees on elder abuse while also identifying intervention strategies and resources. To request a presentation, please email or call us at (949) 737-5242, ext. 215.

With your help, we can prevent elder abuse and preserve the dignity of our elders.

Join us in spreading awareness by:

• Wearing purple on Friday, June 15th. 

Attending this free World Elder Abuse Awareness Day event on June 15th to hear from local experts sharing knowledge and uniting people of all ages.

Learning more about elder abuse and hosting a free community class to educate your community.

Stand in solidarity with us against elder abuse!