Behind the Donations: Cut Like Crystal

Crystal Salaz is a Human Options Hero! Crystal is a Personal Trainer at Fitness Fire, who decided to lead a birthday fitness fundraiser in support of Human Options! Crystal was successfully able to build a team and able raise awareness and dollars in support of our programs and services. We had the chance to check-in to learn more about Crystal and her personal connection to the work we do!

Can you please share a little bit about yourself and your company?

My name is Crystal Salaz. I am a Personal Trainer at Fitness on Fire. Fitness on Fire is a safe place for growth and development, a place to learn new skills and become the best version of yourself. I am also a Senior at CSULB in Kinesiology. I plan it to continue to Grad school of my Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

What inspired you to lead the fundraiser for Human Options.

What motivated me to run this event for Human Options was my background and where I came from. I came from a domestic violence family and the foster care system. I remember being scared, alone, and unsure of what to do. My mom decided to leave the relationship right before I was taken into foster care. The apartment she stayed at was a similar place like Human Options. It was a safe place for my mom to grow and develop a better relationship with herself and my father. It was a place she could start fresh. For my birthday this year I had planned to complete David Goggins challenge called the 4x4x48. It’s 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours. I originally was going to do the challenge by myself, and then thought, now that covid was winding down, I wanted to make it more of a community event and fundraise for Human Options.

What motivated you to/ How did you learn about Human Options.

I heard about Human Options through Josh and Haydee Graves. Fitness on Fire has had a relationship with Human Options for a few years now. We have had some incredible community events to fundraise for Human Options.

In your eyes, what would the world look like if domestic violence/ relationship violence no longer existed?

That is a really difficult question. Violence comes from learned behaviors, and past experiences. This angry attempt to control a situation or their loss of control leads to an eruption. People tend to stay in relationships longer than they should because they want to either believe the person they are with can change, or they feel they are not worthy of something better. A world without domestic violence does not seem realistic. It is like saying war will never happen again. You cannot control other people’s emotions or their reaction to an event, but what can be done is learning how to prevent, escape, and defend yourself. Self-confidence, self-love, and self-defense should be taught at an early age. We need to be taught how to break the cycle and how to teach our children how to break the cycle. In order to move closer to a place where domestic violence is reduced, we have to get people involved in their community, help people with what the government offers in assistance, and keep sharing past stories so people not only know they are not alone and there is a better future they can have with a little hard work and faith in themselves.