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Helping Victims of Relationship Violence Navigate the Legal System

Our legal system is complex, and without adequate resources and services, navigating the legal system is even harder. Our Legal Advocacy Program has seen a heightened increase in need for services and have been able to help families through the support of pro-bono attorneys, like O’Melveny & Meyers LLP. Our partnership has been critical in helping victims and survivors navigate the legal system.  To read more click the digital issue here on pages 46 and 47.

CA Health Report: The Pandemic Spurred a Domestic Violence Epidemic. It’s Not Over Yet.

Since the stay-at-home orders went into effect last year, we have seen a 50% rise in hotline calls and request for help. “It’s not necessarily that being home made the (abuser) violent. But the escalation occurs because there’s no reprieve from tension.” – Maricela Rios-Faust, CEO, shared in the latest CA Health Report. To read about the effects of the pandemic on victims and survivors of relationship violence, check out the latest article from the CA Health Report featuring Human Options:

Survivor Stories: Mariah’s Story

Mariah worked as a successful insurance agent and the primary provider for her and her two children. Mariah was very social and outgoing. She played softball for a league in her community, with lots of support from her family and friends, mainly her mom, who was an Air-Force Veteran. Mariah had previously left her abusive partner and was living in her own apartment, but reconciled with him just prior to the pandemic. Although Mariah was able to recognize the cycle of abuse she was experiencing with her partner, she had reconciled in hopes her partner had changed and the abuse never happen again. During the pandemic, Mariah lost her job,…

Survivor Stories: Karla’s Story

During COVID-19, survivors have faced many challenges, which required them to redirect their goals in their journey to healing. Karla had many setbacks when the pandemic happened.  To accommodate Karla’s family, our transitional living program, Second Step, was able to provide her an extension to continue participating in the program. During the extension, Karla was determined to secure her housing situation. Through the support of Human Options, Karla was able to secure permanent housing and was projected to start employment two weeks after her move in date. Due to the virus, Karla was informed she was not allowed to start employment. Not letting this delay her path to move forward…

Training Advocates during the Pandemic

  This last month Human Options hosted the 40-hour Domestic Violence Advocate Training. We successfully trained 59 new advocates that will help us continue the work in Orange County. Our advocates come from various fields and expertise, including: UCI, CSUF, Azusa Pacific, Santa Ana College students, attorneys at law from Community Legal Aid SoCal, staff from the Department of Child Support Services, staff from Families Forward, Children and Family Futures, as well as two of our Teen Ambassadors. Congratulations to our 59 advocates that are now trained and can help our community to help end relationship violence! “All of the speakers were very well prepared and provided great resources, knowledge,…

Back to School at Human Options

Schools are an important part of the infrastructure of communities and play a critical role in supporting the whole child, not just their academic achievement. Here at Human Options, the amazing staff at our Residential sites are diligently working with our local school districts to obtain free and/or low cost internet services and Chromebooks to complete the mandatory distance learning for the Fall semester. At our Shelter we are planning to offer the Children’s Program classroom or an outside area as a space for the students to complete their distance learning. “We are hoping that creating this safe space will foster the encouragement among students to complete their daily lesson…

Margaret’s Journey of Empowerment

Margaret was first introduced to Human Options after a friend recommend she attend some classes offered through the Community Health Enrichment Collaborative (CHEC) Family Resource Center. Through her participation in the Personal Empowerment Program, parenting classes, and individual counseling, Margaret was able to identify that the abuse in her relationship was not her fault. She thought of leaving several times in the past but was hesitant because she wanted a family for her children. During the quarantine, the abuse severally escalated. The pandemic had caused Margaret’s husband to lose several jobs – which he in turn, blamed Margaret. As his stress rose with the continuous job loss and financial strain,…

Self-Care Tips for this Summer

  We understand that the recent re-closures are stressful for everyone. It is important to make sure to take time for self-care. Here are some self-care tips from our therapists that everyone can try this summer.   Self-care is a process and it may look different for everyone. Before you start or jump into a new self-care journey, it can be helpful to know where you’re at right now. Evaluating what you’re currently doing can help you identify the areas that may need a bit more attention.   When it comes to taking care of yourself, consistency is key. Focus on activities that you can participate in regularly. Even if…

Human Options in the News – NBCLA’s Today in L.A.

We are grateful for the opportunity to join NBCLA’s Today in L.A. to share insight on teen dating violence during the pandemic as well as resources available for parents and victims.   Click here to watch the live interview.                Looking for additional resources on teen dating violence? Click here to access our teen tool kit or call our emergency hotline at 877-854-3594.