Human Options Safety Need Spotlight: Eve's Story

Will you answer their call for safety?

Eve and her two children fled from her abuser to a temporary safe location. She had a physical disability that required her to use a walker at all times and was unable to drive.

Due to the financial abuse Eve suffered, she did not have the money to purchase a new cell phone and plan of her own. A phone was vital for her to contact safe friends and family members for support, to remain in communication with social services regarding her abuser’s fraudulent use of her disability funds, and to access any private information stored on her phone relevant to her restraining order case.

With a secure phone, Eve can now make calls from a safe location such as the shelter, and her abuser will not be able to trace Eve’s calls or read her text messages.

You can help ensure survivors like Eve and her children remain safe and can find the resources needed to live violence-free.

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