Human Options Partners with Groupon Grassroots in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month - Human Options


Its Day 5 of our 7 day Groupon Grassroots campaign and we are so appreciative of our supporters. We decided to partner with Groupon during the month of October in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness month. This partnership is a unique new way of organizing people in the community to support our cause to provide safety, healing and a way forward for families who have experienced domestic violence.

We have 24 donations so far and hope you can help us reach our goal of 40 donations by Day 7.  You can  pledge support for our mission to break the cycle of domestic violence in increments of $10, with each $10 providing shelter, food and counseling to overcome trauma from domestic abuse.

Here’s what you can do to help out:

1. Go to the campaign page to donate and help us reach our goal

2. Share campaign news and progress on Facebook and Twitter, as well as through email.


Thank you for your support.

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