Margaret's Journey of Empowerment - Human Options

Margaret was first introduced to Human Options after a friend recommend she attend some classes offered through the Community Health Enrichment Collaborative (CHEC) Family Resource Center. Through her participation in the Personal Empowerment Program, parenting classes, and individual counseling, Margaret was able to identify that the abuse in her relationship was not her fault. She thought of leaving several times in the past but was hesitant because she wanted a family for her children.

During the quarantine, the abuse severally escalated. The pandemic had caused Margaret’s husband to lose several jobs – which he in turn, blamed Margaret. As his stress rose with the continuous job loss and financial strain, as did his physical abuse. The final altercation left both Margaret and her children fearful for their lives. She knew she had to leave for the safety of her family.

She called the emergency hotline and moved her family into the emergency shelter that same day. Margaret is determined to break the cycle of violence for her children and grateful to have a safe place to stay for her family as they are on their journey of healing and self-sufficiency.