Human Options Safety Need Spotlight: Maria's Story

Will you answer their call for safety?

Maria and her daughter were safety transferred into our emergency shelter after Maria’s abuser showed up at their previous shelter.

After staff denied him entry and called the police, Maria’s abuser broke her car windows and stole confidential paperwork regarding custody of their daughter. He also stole Maria’s medication that she was prescribed for an injury sustained as a result of the abuse.

When Maria logged into her email account from a secure shelter computer to access some important evidence for the domestic violence case against her partner, a notice appeared stating that she was already logged on. Not thinking much of it, Maria simply logged off and created a new password. Maria and shelter staff later discovered that her abuser had gained access to her email account and was able to determine her location when she had logged into her email account.

You can help ensure survivors like Maria and her daughter remain safe and can find the resources needed to live violence-free.

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