Human Options Safety Need Spotlight: Susans Story

Will you answer their call for safety?

Prior to leaving her abusive marriage and relocating, Susan’s husband installed a malicious application onto her phone which automatically installed onto all her Apple devices.

Since she was using the same iCloud account for her cell phone, iPads, and MacBook, Susan’s husband was able to see what she and her kids were doing on their iPads, turn on the location feature to find out where they were living, and even eavesdrop on her cell phone conversations. Susan began to notice that her phone battery was draining fast, and that her husband knew things that only someone who had access to her devices would know.

Once Susan realized her devices were hacked, she contacted law enforcement who encouraged her to contact Apple IT to disable the malicious application. The Apple IT department disabled the hacking software and found the IP address linked to the hacker.

Apple, law enforcement, and Human Options worked with Susan to gather evidence in order to press charges against her abuser for tech stalking.

You can help ensure survivors like Susan and her children remain safe and can find the resources needed to live violence-free.

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