Letters of Hope - Human Options

Human Options’ Safe Options for Seniors  (SOS) program provides services to seniors in Orange County who have experienced abuse. During this scary and uncertain time, some seniors are experiencing feelings of anxiety and loneliness. Our incredible Teen Ambassadors were there to help! They wrote letters of encouragement and support to the seniors in our SOS program to let them know that they are here for them. 


I have been a Human Options Teen Ambassador for about 3 years now. I am currently in my first year college.

I know with times like this, uncertainty comes in, but I am here to let you know that I hear you, I support you, and I will do anything I can to be a positive influence in your life. This is something about me that has been instilled in me as I was growing up, I have always enjoyed helping people, and my community. Would you have any advice you could give to me? Maybe share about something you felt passionate about, and how you used that passion? I would love to hear all about it. With that being said, I will be praying for you and you will be in my thoughts!


With Love,

Human Options Teen Ambassador


Dear Human Options Teen Ambassador,

Wow! How nice! I am thankful for your concern and willingness to reach out. I appreciate the effort to stay connected. You are doing a great job at going to school and getting a good education. I am proud of you for doing that.

I have a dog and he keeps me company so that I do not feel alone. He is 13 years old but he is still young at heart and loves to play. My advice to you would be to continue with your studies and get a good education. I would also suggest that you develop hobbies that bring you happiness. I have come to a place where I am content with who I am and accept myself for who I am and that is what I wish for you. I wish you the best! Take care!

With Gratitude,