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Sean’s Story

Before finding Human Options, Sean and his family were constantly moving from shelter to shelter, relocating five times in one year. They lived in a state of perpetual fear, as Sean’s mother was being brutally abused by his father. Fearing Sean would learn that such behaviors were acceptable, his mother knew they had to escape the cycle of violence. One night, after several sleepless and worrisome nights, they finally found safety at Human Options.

At Human Options, Sean and his mother began their journey to healing. Initially resistant to counseling, Sean struggled with controlling his emotions, often acting out at school and finding it difficult to communicate his feelings. Despite his initial reluctance, through multiple counseling sessions, he gradually began to open up. As trust was built, Sean started to feel more comfortable discussing his feelings. He learned about coping skills and practiced them regularly, leading to noticeable progress in expressing his thoughts and emotions. Sean began looking forward to his sessions and found effective coping mechanisms that helped him handle stressful situations better. His school experience improved significantly, with no further disruptions.

Now living closer to their extended family, Sean enjoys spending time with his cousins. He has grown more willing to explore his emotions and includes his mother. In his last counseling session, Sean expressed his gratitude, saying, “Thank you for teaching me about emotions.”


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