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Survivor Stories: Jamie’s Story

Prior to receiving counseling services with Human Options at the South Orange County Family Resource Center, Jamie was distraught and extremely anxious about what happened to her daughter Mila. Carrying guilt and blame for not being able to protect her daughter from seeing her father hit her mother, Jamie’s mental health began to deteriorate very quickly. Because of the incident that occurred, Jamie was in dire need of counseling services to process the situation in a safe and compassionate environment. 

As Jamie continued to work through her thoughts and feelings regarding the situation that happened to her daughter and the impact it has had on her and her family, Jamie began to reclaim control over her anxiety and depression. Since attending counseling services, Jamie shared she is no longer isolating and keeping away from family and friends, and her self-esteem and confidence as a parent has increased. Jamie has even noticed she is no longer over-sleeping, and excessively worrying as she did prior to seeking counseling. Co-workers and family members have noticed a difference in Jamie’s overall attitude and have made positive comments of her growth and catching her smiling more often. As Jamie continues her path to healing from the traumatic family event, practicing her coping skills and being able to talk about the trauma has helped her get back to living a better quality of life.


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