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The Sad Reality One in Ten Seniors Experience

By Cristi Dugger, LCSW, Safe Options for Seniors Program I was fortunate to find my passion for elders and victims of abuse early in my career. It happened when I met Lupe, a woman whose own son, his wife and child moved into her home to assist her and then physically, financially, and emotionally abused her until another family member alerted authorities. Like domestic violence and child abuse, elder abuse is most often committed by family members and in the place we all should feel the safest, at home. For the past six years I have had the honor of hearing victims’ stories of tragedy and triumph and thankfully-being a…


Steubenville – “I didn’t know it was rape; it wasn’t violent”

Words from Vivian Clecak, LCSW, MFT, and Co-founding CEO of Human Options The rape of the girl whose inability to move or respond earned her the name “the dead girl” in the texts among the teens shocks us all. That this outrage can happen and so many spectators remain silent after all we have done as a culture to strengthen respect for women and girls requires us to review the challenges we face in changing harmful long held cultural beliefs. Domestic violence, date abuse and date rape (one form of date abuse) are the only crimes in which the victim is blamed as much or as more as the criminal….