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Drew’s Story

When Drew landed a job at a local keychain company, she felt an immediate connection with her supervisor George. What initially seemed like the start of something special turned sour, as their relationship spiraled into emotional abuse and workplace harassment leaving Drew feeling alone and helpless.  Drew faced limited options and felt trapped in her situation. At work, George would schedule meetings with Drew and belittle her and tell her how incompetent or incapable she was of tasks asked of her and it would carry into when they got home. The relentless abuse took a toll on her mental health, leading to symptoms of depression and anxiety, not being able to eat or sleep. Despite her struggles, Drew felt she had no choice but to endure the pain, as leaving her job seemed impossible. 

However, a glimmer of hope emerged when a concerned coworker noticed Drew’s distress and referred her to Magnolia Park Family Resource Center. Initially, Drew’s outlook was bleak, expressing a deep sense of worthlessness and despair. But through counseling and support from the Human Options therapist, Drew began to find the strength to envision a better life for herself. 

With each counseling session, Drew’s resilience grew stronger. She participated in various services offered through the Family Resource Center. Gradually, Drew reclaimed her sense of self-worth and confidence. She learned to advocate for herself in the workplace, leading to positive changes like being transferred to a new department with a new supervisor. Through therapy, Drew embraced self-care and rediscovered activities that brought her joy, like going for walks and crocheting. 

Today, Drew walks into work every day smiling and hopeful for what the day will bring. While her journey to healing is ongoing, she is committed to her healing and fostering positive healthy relationships.


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