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Michelle’s Story

At just 14 years old, Michelle found herself navigating a tumultuous relationship, lacking support from family and friends. By 17, she became a mother, bearing the responsibility of caring for her children while being controlled by her partner. Michelle and her family came to the United States in hopes of starting over their relationship and building a better life for their children. However, the abuse she endured only intensified, leaving her fearful and isolated in a foreign country. Michelle’s children began waking up throughout the night with night terrors, a consequence of the abuse occurring in the home. It took a final act of violence for Michelle to seek help, finding refuge in our Emergency Shelter. 

Despite facing numerous challenges, Michelle displayed remarkable resourcefulness and resilience. With the support services of the Family Resource Center and shelter staff, she began to reclaim her independence and support her children. Learning basic skills such as making phone calls and navigating public transportation, Michelle embraced each new opportunity for growth, while her children learned how to express and regulate their emotions. 

Transitioning from shelter to the Family Healing program, Michelle continued to persevere. Despite her immigration status limiting access to public assistance, she remained determined to provide a stable foundation for her family. Through therapy and ongoing support, she and her children embarked on a journey of healing from the trauma they had endured. 

Throughout her journey, Michelle’s transformation was profound. From seeking guidance multiple times a day to confidently making her own decisions, she blossomed into a self-sufficient and empowered individual. Her optimism and resilience served as an inspiration to those around her, demonstrating that with courage and determination, one can overcome even the greatest of obstacles. Michelle’s children are healing and beginning to sleep through the night without waking up from night terrors. 

As Michelle continues to pursue her goals of finding employment and permanent housing, her unwavering spirit serves as a beacon of hope for a brighter future. Her journey is a testament to the power of resilience, proving that with support and determination, anything is possible.  


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