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Taylor’s Story

Taylor recently immigrated from Japan to the US in search of a better life with more opportunities. In pursuit of her dreams, Taylor wasted no time. She dedicated herself to achieving independence, actively participating in language learning classes and acquiring general educational credits. She was doing well until she entered a relationship that was abusive. She slowly lost her independence, resigned from her jobs, and discontinued her education due to the direct impact of the abuse she experienced. Her isolation deepened when she became pregnant and couldn’t see a way out of her relationship. With no family and loved ones around during her son’s early years, she continued to endure instances of abuse. Taylor made the courageous decision to leave, but the long-lasting effects of the abuse lingered. She was experiencing anxiety and depression and decided to seek help.

Taylor reached out to Human Options directly, called the Hotline and was connected to our services. She accessed both legal and counseling services though our Newport-Mesa Family Resource Center. Once she began counseling, there were noticeable differences in her demeanor. Taylor began expressing her opinions and emotions more freely, started implementing self-care into her daily routine, reducing her anxiety and depressive symptoms, and allowed her to invest more care into her appearance. Once her sessions concluded, it was apparent that her journey towards reclaiming herself was unmistakable, and the joy she radiated by the end of treatment was genuinely heartwarming. She has regained her independence, creating her own next steps and plans to continue to practice self-care and push herself to do things she once loved and wanted to pursue.  


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