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Survivor Stories

Bailey’s Story

Prior to participating in Human Options services, Bailey was working in the educational field, living with her partner Oliver and was expecting her first child. During her pregnancy, she noticed

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Aurora’s Story

Aurora was a stay-at-home mom taking care of her four children and struggling to find stable housing. Before becoming a stay-at-home mom, she worked to support her family but quit

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Taylor’s Story

Taylor recently immigrated from Japan to the US in search of a better life with more opportunities. In pursuit of her dreams, Taylor wasted no time. She dedicated herself to

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Grace’s Story

When Grace was 15 years old she fell in love with 25 year old Matt. Things were great the first few years. They got married and had their first child

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Quinn’s Story

Quinn, mother of three, was a supervision aide at an elementary school and worked evenings at a laundry mat. She enjoyed working at the school and found her work impactful

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Charlie’s Story

27 year old Charlie was an independent, strong willed person before meeting her partner. She was a California native who loved growing up in Southern California. She was secure in

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Casey’s Story

Casey was a budding entrepreneur running her own business. By age 26, she was married to her partner who she met through a mutual friend. Casey felt like she was

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Josh’s Story

When Joelle’s three children first came to shelter, they were extremely upset at the idea of moving schools until things were safe and free from violence. When they started attending

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Adrienne’s Story

Adrienne was living with her newly wedded husband prior to coming to Human Options. She thought married life was going to fun and happy. They had just gotten married a

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Survivor: Lauren

Lauren’s Story

Lauren, a mother of four children, entered Human Options’ emergency shelter after making the brave decision to leave her husband after facing years of abuse. In her attempt to flee

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